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Home and Property Maintenance

TruBlue Property Maintenance

You can easily maintain your curb appeal and preserve your home’s value by assuring your home’s exterior is in good repair. Your TruBlue professional can address any current issues and prevent future problems with a simple home exterior assessment. A great plan is to do this before winter sets in and when going into spring.

The same can be said for your home’s interior. For peace of mind and to preserve its beauty and value, keep everything in working order and updated. Whether a single project or scheduled maintenance, TruBlue of Wakefield can help you keep your home like looking and performing like new.

Need a gift idea? Give the gift of time with TruBlue handyman repair and maintenance services for new moms, newlyweds, housewarming, and even birthdays or anniversaries!

Home Exterior Services

Assure access points for bats/rodents are protected

Water damaged wood replacement

Clean window wells and add window well covers

Installing gutter guards

Check operation of windows and doors

Assure water is draining away from the house

Clean gutters and downspouts

Look for signs of leaks at window and door openings

Hose bib replacement

Repair any fence issues, around pool and yard

Assure all exterior lighting is working properly

Install motion detector lights for more security

Clean dryer vents

Repair broken/cracked glass

Dryer vent hose cleaning

Update exterior lights to energy saving bulbs

Clean grill and check propane tank

Power wash decks, sidewalks, siding

Update exterior lights to energy saving bulbs

Home Interior Services

Assure all appliance hoses, drains and connections are operational and safe

Check duct connection to vent fans

Check smoke detectors and CO2 detectors and change batteries

Clean air ducts

Check furnace and air conditioner

Caulking of windows and tubs

Check to assure sump pump is working

Unclog slow drains

Put up or take down holiday decorations

Touch-up painting

Clean bath and kitchen fans

Safety audits for seniors or limited mobility individuals

Assure floor drains are not clogged

Update light bulbs to energy saving bulbs

Replace air filters

Check for loose railings or stair hazards

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